Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Things to do....

... before the New Year breaks:

- get the apartment cleaned (OC tendency kickin' in)
- lose 10 pounds pronto!
- buy round fruits for the apartment

+ + +

Which leads me to think about the more pressing issue of: Where am i spending new year's eve? An array of scenarios to choose from:
- Makati Ayala/Paseo street party
- The Fort street party
- Red Box countdown party
- party at Jasonic's (probably)
- at the apartment

I am seriously confused. This is my first New Year's here and dammit, i want to Party! At the same time, i keep thinking about practical matters like getting home from say, Makati, after the party winds down, who i'm gonna be with, etc. I was hoping for the greater scenario of friends getting together, maybe drinking and getting tipsy and enjoying the night, but so far, what i've confirmed is that most people will be spending it with family. *sigh* So many choices....

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